Mocean Carshare is making city life work around you

Not owning a car has never been so convenient. With Mocean Carshare, you can drive around the city in your own vehicle at any time, go anywhere, and keep it for up to 72 hours.


1. Download

Find our Mocean Carshare App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download for free.


2. Register

All you need to register is a valid US driver's license, an active credit card, and be at least 18 years of age. There is a one-time fee of $10 to process your application.

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3. Book

There’s a car close to you! Our home zones are conveniently located around Los Angeles. There are even designated spaces at Union Station. In the Mocean Carshare App, find an available car nearest to you, book it, and get to the car within 15 minutes. The App will lead you directly to the location of your car.


4. Drive

Once you arrive at your vehicle, unlock it with the App. No car key needed - simply push the Engine Start/Stop button in the car and get where you want to go. You can drive anywhere in the US during your trip and keep the car for up to 72 hours!


5. Return

Bring the car back to an approved parking spot anywhere within any Mocean Carshare home zone on your App. Be sure to consult any parking signs and that the vehicle is allowed to stay in the parking space you choose for 48 hours. Remember to remove any personal belongings and trash from the car and end your trip using the App. You’re done!

Now Available in Los Angeles

Locate your vehicle

Pick up and drop off your vehicle at any approved parking spot within any Mocean Carshare home zone, or at one of the designated Mocean Carshare parking spaces at Union Station. What you do in-between is up to you.

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