Thrive Health Lab

Exercise for all

More than just a gym, it's a way to live a healthier lifestyle.

We have outdoor classes, virtual classes,
and one-on-one sessions in the gym.

Come Thrive with us.
Come get all this energy.
You’ll feel better.


Book online with the discount code

ThriveInMocean for 20% off

*Personal training excluded from discount offering.
*Valid for active Mocean Carshare members.

My name is La Nieciá,

Owner of the Thrive Health Lab and personal trainer.

It doesn’t matter your size, shape, color, cultural background, how much money you make.

My vision was always to have a one stop shop where people come and get fit mentally, physically and Thrive as human beings.


Take a Mocean Carshare to Thrive Health Lab and help the community of View Park-Windsor Hills.